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Dezza’s Top Non-Aussie PAFL Team


It is expected that Aussie Rules would be dominated by Australians as they have grown up watching and playing the sport. As the game is unique to Australia, it is exceptional to see non-Aussie’s excel in the sport. Over its history, the PAFL has been fortunate to have these such players turn up and not only match Aussie born players but beat them their own game!
To pay homage to these amazing footballers, Dezza reflects on each one of them and puts forward his ‘Top Non-Aussie PAFL Team’. Check out Dezza announcing his team in this podcast.

Selection Criteria

As part of his team selection, Dezza’s selection criteria is as follows:

  • Select the top 13 non-Aussies in the PAFL 4 x 5 x 4 format to match the format played in the PAFL
  • The position of selection would be that of which the player generally played.
  • You have to have played at least 5 PAFL games If you were born in Australia, you are not eligible for selection.
  • You must be born outside of Australia and can still qualify if one or both parents is Australian.
  • List of All Non-Aussie Players of the PAFL Here is the list of non-Aussie players to have played PAFL since 2004

Dezza’s ‘Top Non-Aussie PAFL Team’

List of All Non-Aussie Players of the PAFL

Here are the list of Non-Aussie players to have played over since 2004

New Zealand (NZL)

  • Craig Wislang (CM Medal)
  • Sam Priest
  • Andy White
  • Jason Lock
  • Adam Heremaia
  • James Young

United States (USA)

  • Momo
  • Ringo Dingrando
  • Ben Gaffney
  • Dan Casey
  • Steve Near
  • Mark Gilroy

Ireland (IRE)

  • Mick Ruane
  • Sean Smith
  • Ciaran Lawless
  • Dave Faughan
  • Donal Walsh
  • Mick O’Connor

Philippines (PHL)

  • Jovic Paypon
  • Chad Garcia
  • Richie Amurao
  • Mikey Macaraig
  • Daniel Edge
  • Jobe Nkemakolam

United Kingdom (GBR)

  • Ryan Cairns,
  • Peter Emmett,
  • Ian Taylor

Fiji (FJI)

  • Rishee,
  • Danny Kishore

Papua New Guinea (PNG)

  •  Sam Ila (CM Medal)
  • Tuksy Ila

Zimbabwe (ZWE)

  •  Paul Reztlaff

Russian Federation (RUS)

  • Doran Chafraste

Denmark (DNK)

  • Rene Danborg

Switzerland (CHE)

  • Phillip Bell

France (FRA)

  • Bruno Vergnes

Poland (POL)

  • Milosz Mogilnicki

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