Dingoes Bite Back

2017 PAFL ROUND 2 – Sat 8th April

Well, it is exactly what was expect, an answer from the 2016 Premiers from last week’s loss to the Eurekas. It has been a self-discovery tour for the green and gold in the absence of their core players, it has forced some of the young ‘Pups (the new breed) to step up.

Before we get into an outline of plays and events of round two, some items we would like to mention, the first being is Daniel ” ROGAN JOSH” Edge’s defection back to the Eurekas. Two years ago, he broke his dad’s heart by becoming a single. Rumors circulated for moany months on the reasons for the change including under the table payment amongst many, however, today he set thing right with Michael “MAGNUM PI” Edge before he departure to the AFL homeland of Melbourne in a few weeks.

We were also very excited to welcome new players to the PAFL. Samuel “ROILIO” Ila and his Son Taurus “TOOKS” Ila join the domestic comp both playing fro the Dingoes (something Edge will regret in the future). Both come from AFL PNG with a wealth of experience. We also welcome the first of the Auskick day for his first kick with the Eurekas, Jeff “HEATER 2.0” Gallus. He reminds us of Heater but actually turns up to Auskick with his kids.

We also welcomed the most anticipated recruits of AFL Asian to his first PAFL game. for many months it has been widely argued to who Jason “FISH” Herring should play for. 10mins prior to the start of the game, the PAFL’s very own Harry Potter sorting hat, Michael “MAGNUM PI” Edge instructed him to don the blue jumper. After that, the question was did he fail to disappoint, yes he did…Jason “COD” Herring did nothing all day! Sorry, he did do something…his left quad!

Finally, Ethan “MARLBORO” Floro and Nico “FERDINAND” Franz both join the PAFL for the first time after doing a couple of training sessions with the PAFL, join match day and found held their own on the field, even against their teach, Sam “MR CARTER” Linsday.

So to the game itself, and to set the scene, the day was as hot as Helopenio Pepper on a 10 burner BBQ. The ground itself was dry and hard and we were playing only 7-a-side football. The goal

The first quarter was hard fought by both teams. Ciaran “IRISH ” Lawless was on a mission from the first bounce, chasing and forcing a high tempo o the game which saw the the Dingoes break out to a 3 goal lead with goals from Sam “MR CARTER” Lindsay, Tara “TOOKS” Ila and Ciaran “IRISH” Lawless himself. The Eurekas had their chances to go into the first break with by a lack of straight kicking saw the both Nathan “MARSHY’S MATE” Clarke and Daniel “ROGAN JOSH” Edge kick 1 Goal, 2 points respectively. (NOTE: Jason “COD” Herring did nothing is this quarter)

The Dingoes got off to an early start in the Second quarter with Chad “JOHNIE WALKER” Garica getting his first major for the day. Solid work our of the middle lead by Ciaran “IRISH” Lawless along with the Samuel “RIOLI” Ila was hard to beat, but there weren’t able to affectivity draw into their forward line, with the half-backs of Nathan “MARSHY’S MATE” Clarke intercepting and driving long to the forward, who the new recruit Jeff “HEATER 2.0” Gallus was able to control and score 2 majors for the quarter. (Side note, much better than heater, stays on his feet).

Before the half time break Matthew “HOLD THE PRESS” Brimble delivered an amazaing goal from the Evan “ONEPOINTOH” Turner pocket, Matt “HOLD THE PRESS” Brimble kicked a goal which will be a contender for Goal of the Year when he grabbed the ball from outside the arc ran to the left side flank then booted the ball through the middle using the outside of his right boot. Classy!.

By half time the sunny hot conditions were having a huge affect on all players and the interchange bench was greatly appreciated by most players during the remainder of the match.

The third quarter saw the Eurekas gain a slight lead by 3/4 time with Daniel “ROGAN JOSH” Edge kicking 3 goals.

The 4th quater saw a sea-sawing scoreboard with both teams nearly out on their feet but giving it all. It was nearly the last man standing in the end. Both teams fought hard all day in very trying conditions but probably the Dingoes accuracy in the first half helped win them the game.

Best Player Awards: Ciaran Lawless (Dingoes) & Nathan Clarke (Eurekas)
Field Umpire: Evan Spargo
Boundary Umpires: Andrew Perrin
Goal Umps: Peter Hammon & Shane Reid
Stats: Mike Edge
Scoreboard: Peter Stone


QTR 1 3 0 18 2 4 16
QTR 2 7 0 42 4 6 30
QTR 3 8 2 50 8 7 55
QTR 4 12 4 76 10 9 69

Goal Scorers

Sam Ila 3 1 19 Daniel Edge 4 5 29
Chad Garica 3 18 Jeff Gallus 3 1 19
Matthew Brimble 2 1 13 Nathan Clarke 1 1 7
Tuaro Ila 2 1 13 James Hutton 1 1 7
Sam Lindsay 1 6 Nico Franz 1 6
Ciaran Lawless 1 6
Rushed 1 1 Rushed 1 1
Total 12 4 76 Total 10 9 69

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