Eurekas Kick the Dog in a Cracker Opening Game

2017 PAFL ROUND 1 – Sat 1st April

What a great start to the 2017 Season with a fantastic game in our opening round. In very hot and dry, we had a great turn out with some old and new face turning up for a run playing 8 a side football.

Before the game started, it was discovered that we had no jumpers thanks to tech Secretary pilgrimage to Melbourne for Holidays. Coming to the Rescue was Ciaran who was able to whip home and grab the GAA tops which were used.

Such the occasion of the day, the PAFL welcome back some star of the past Peter ‘BATO’ Stone, Ryan ‘MIDGET’ Cairns, Matthew ‘DINGOES HAVE BEEN ROBBED’ Rutter and Vince ‘LIGHTENING’ Mortillero. Kara Sone (Peter Stone’s daughter) was set to play her first game with the Dingoes but after having a careful first look at the game decided to defer her inaugural game to a later date and let her old man carry the name with a couple major scores during the game

Dingoes got off to a strong start to the game, led by Sam “COSMO” Linsay/Gibson (whatever you name is) as he on target with his goal kicking. The Eurekas were getting their share of the ball but could run it into their forward line as effectively as the Dingoes which they were rewarding on the scoreboard.

The Momentum of the game slowed day in the second quarter with both Daniel “CROWN” Edge stuffing from a hamstring strain and Cosmo getting a bone-crushing kick to the hand, most likely from his best mate Vince. These event caused issues on the ground with the Matthew ‘DINGOES HAVE BEEN ROBBED’ Rutter demanding for a head count from Brain ‘LONELY PLANET’ Barnes. After taking his shoes off for the count, it was deemed even sides and played continued

The second half slipped into more the Eurekas style we the tempo being slowed down slightly which suited the midfield. James ‘STICKS’ Hutton started to dominate and the ruck and deliver the ball to the Craig ‘BONE CRUNCHER’ Marsh and Winner ‘AUSSIE PINOY’ Santos who quickly delivered the ball to the forward of Alex Carter. They also took advantage of the shot on goals from the arch to be goal scorers.

With modern day medical procedures and a love from this Girlfriend, Daniel ‘CROWN’ Edge found himself back on the and took up position in OnePointOh’s forward pocket.

The Dingoes explosive start to the game may have been their undoing as the fatigue started to set in, with the smell of blood in the air, Craig ‘BONE CRUNCHER’ Marsh calls for the Eurekas to put their foot down running over their tiring opponents in the second half. Eureka’s run out 8 point winners in the greatest starts to the PAFL season in many years

Best Player Awards: James Hutton (Eurekas) & Sam Lindsay (Dingoes)
Field Umpire: Brian Barnes
Boundary Umpires: Andrew Perrin
Goal Umps: Evan Spargo and Eddie Newbound
Stats: Mike Edge
Scoreboard: Jim Moore


QTR 1 4 2 26 1 1 7
QTR 2 4 3 53 3 3 21
QTR 3 8 6 54 6 5 41
QTR 4 8 9 57 10 5 65

Goal Scorers

Sam Lindsay 3 2 20 David Carter 3 18
Peter Stone 2 1 13 James Hutton 3 18
Alex Carter 1 1 7 Craig Marsh 2 12
Matthew Rutter 1 6 Daniel Edge 1 2 8
Shane Hawke 1 6 Winner Santos 1 6
Brian Ager 1 1 Kris Laws 2 2
Ciranan Lawless 1 1 Brian Ager 1 1
Rushed 3 3 Rushed
Total 8 9 57 Total 10 5 65

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