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Come along and join the PAFL in celebrating the founders of the PAFL and our last big game before our Vietnam tour. Family and friends are encouraged to come along as well as bring the kids to enjoy a kick of the footy on the perfect pitch at the Manila Polo club.

Here you will find general information plus specific details of our forthcoming events, both on and off the field. We also hope you appreciate what a unique organisation PAFL has become in a short time. We have many exciting events in the pipeline and this year promises to be our best year yet.

Established in April 2004, PAFL’s main goal is to try and develop our beloved game of Aussie Rules in the Philippines, and to have Filipino nationals learning the skills of our great game. The expats come and go, but Filipinos will always be here! As a result, PAFL’s main goal is to one day have a team (or maybe more!) who is 100% made up of Filipino players. We encourage all Filipinos who want to learn a new and exciting sport, with many parallels to basketball and soccer, to come along and get involved with PAFL! We will teach you all the skills you need to be successful in the sport, in a social and friendly environment.

So come on, we offer all nationalities an opportunity to get involved in the sport we love. Just because it’s called Aussie Rules, it doesn’t mean you have to be an Aussie to play it! We extend to you an invitation to visit our games, have a training run with us, and come to our various social events. We hope you enjoy the PAFL experience. Click here for our location and schedule.

Manila Cup 2015

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